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A New Voice for New Hampshire!

The Republican and Democratic parties are the embodiment of everything that's wrong with Politics. Benjamin Franklin said that the founders had given us a republic if we could keep it. Well, we are on the verge of losing that precious republic as we knew it. Washington has become a breeding ground for corruption, where career politicians serve their own interests and advance their own agendas, often at the expense of the people and the freedoms we cherish.

Justin O'Donnell isn't a career politician, in fact, he's quite the opposite. A millennial, he has grown up knowing nothing but a nation at war, crippled with debt, and dividing itself along ideological grounds over the lesser of two evils. A student of history, he recognizes the crucial crossroads the American People are faced with, to either put aside partisan politics and unite as a nation, or stay the course of division, and fall like the empires of old.

Justin is running for United States Senate, not to serve a partisan interest, not to advance his own career, but to bring a strong independent voice that represents the people in this proud republic. Join us today, and help us share a New Voice for New Hampshire. Be Bold. Be Free. Be Independent. Vote Libertarian.

Justin O'Donnell calls for putting aside the current ideological course and uniting in the struggle for our precious republic and the well-being of every American. People who are tired of financial stress, corruption, and the actions of dishonest politicians serving their own interests can create a new prosperous republic where every system will serve the needs of the American people. A country that doesn't provide a third of Americans with financial support needs new financial initiatives.

We're fighting for our financial stability. By leaving the best of what the current system offers and removing all that is damaged, we can achieve prosperity for our nations. Justin O'Donnell stands for increasing ordinary Americans' income through a fair wage system, creating available and affordable mortgages to give people the opportunity to own their own homes, and improving the conditions for providing small loans for short-term financial support.

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